PSC Motor

AF/AFG/CF375 1/7HP PSC Burner Motor

Available for the Beckett AF/AFG/CF375 burner line, the 1/7HP PSC motor is based on proven durability of the AFII motor after 10 years of high reliability in the field.


  • Construction Type: PCS (Permanent Split Capacitor)
  • Bearing System: Ball bearing
  • Thermal Protector: Manual reset


  • Mounting frame: NEMA 48M
  • Lamination width: 3.7″
  • Body length: 4.56″
  • Body width: 3.93″


  • Electrical Input: 115 V/60 Hz
  • Current Draw: 1.7 FLA
  • Speed: 3450 rpm
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Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Permanent split capacitor Lower amp draw
Cooler operation
Fewer failures
Ball bearings Longer Life
Delivers more power

Average Current Draw

motor amps

Burner Motor Product Sheet

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