SM Oil Burner

The adaptable, efficient Model SM burner is not dependent upon a combustion chamber for flame stabilization. Instead, it’s available with a choice of six flame-retention heads that lock a highly stable, fuel-efficient flame in place for reliable combustion. All heads fit a standard 4″ diameter air tube and are easily installed for optimizing performance in a variety of applications.


  • Firing rate range: 1.25 to 3.00 GPH
  • Input: 175,000 to 420,000 BTU/hr


  • U.S.: No. 1 or No. 2 heating oil only (ASTM D396)
  • Canada: No. 1 stove oil or No. 2 furnace oil only

Fuel Unit

  • Single stage or two stage

Electrical Characteristics

  • Motor: ⅕hp, 3450 rpm, NEMA “N” flange, manual reset overload protection
  • Power Supply: 120 V/60 Hz/1 phase
  • Ignition: Continuous duty solid-state ignitor
  • Operating Load: 5.8 amps max
  • Alternated Voltages or Frequency: Consult Customer Service

Ambient Operating Temperature

  • +32°F (0°C) Minimum
  • +115°F (+46°C)Maximum

Dimensions (standard)

  • Height: 12½”
  • Width: 15″
  • Depth: 8½”
  • Air tube diameter: 4″

SF/SM Manual

SM Burner Product Sheet

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