Air Damper Actuator

Product Description


  • Eliminates all linkage on two-stage commercial burners.
  • Quick, easy installation – no ‘tricky’ operations required to get excellent combustion and a smooth transfer between low and high fire.
  • No special tools required; adjustments can be made with the included wrench and a small screwdriver.
  • Easy set-up of low and high fire: illuminated switch indicates high fire position.
  • Electronically operated.
  • Provides a cleaner look to the burner.
  • Outstanding performance and reliability proved in the Beckett HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) Laboratory.

Two Stage Burners

  • CF1400
  • CF2300
  • CF2500
  • CF3500

Setup Instructions

Adjusting the Damper Actuator

  1. Adjust red cam for desired high fire setting.
  2. Switch burner to high fire.
  3. Adjust for desired combustions setting.
  4. Set blue cam to desired low fire setting.
  5. Switch burner to low fire.
  6. Adjust for desired combustion setting.
  7. Use small screwdriver to place orage cam halfway between high and low fire setting.