You Serve Your Customers
Better When You Stay Connected

With the BeckettLink tank gauge system, you’re always connected to your customers. Using our WiFi enabled tank gauge system, you can check tank levels, set re-fill alerts, and plan routes and deliveries all from your mobile device.

Having your customers’ tank information at your fingertips not only allows you to provide better, prompter service, but it can also help you plan more efficient routes and streamline your deliveries as your monitor tank levels remotely.

The BeckettLink tank gauge system includes four main components. When all of these components work together, you’re always fully connected to your customer — anytime and from anywhere.

Here’s How the System Components Connect

1. Connected Tank Gauge

The Connected Tank Gauge uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the hub gateway.

2. WiFi/Bluetooth Hub

The WiFi/Bluetooth Hub sends tank levels and information to the Cloud over WiFi.

3. BeckettLink App

The BeckettLink App connects customers to their tank information over WiFi.

4. Dealer Dashboard

The Dealer Dashboard receives tank info over WiFi for dealer use.

Learn more about Connected Tank Gauge with the links below

BeckettLink® Tank Gauge

The BeckettLink Tank Gauge provides accurate and reliable tank level readings to help manage fuel deliveries.

Features: accurately measure liquid level in tanks up to 72”; adapter for tanks with 2” NPT threads or ‘Euro’ style connections; monitor tank levels remotely to reduce or eliminate costly run-outs; 10+ year battery life and up to 250’ extended range.

product page

BeckettLink® WiFi/Bluetooth® Hub

The BeckettLink Hub provides the cloud connection that allows you to monitor fuel levels from anywhere using the web or the free BeckettLink App.

Features: connects current and future BeckettLink devices; reliable Bluetooth connect from gauge to gateway; separate hub means tank gauge battery is not drained if WiFi signal is lost.

product page

BeckettLink® Dealer Dashboard

The Dealer Dashboard combines all customers’ gauges on one easy-to-use, web-based program portal and is only available to registered oil dealers and HVAC contractors.

Features: provides dealers access to information on registered or shared accounts; accessible anywhere, including the field, using mobile devices; share access with all necessary dealer personnel; monitor tank levels and alerts; configure tank size, review usage history, and route deliveries.

Get the Dealer Dashboard Here

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BeckettLink® Mobile Application

The BeckettLink Mobile App monitors fuel tank levels and allows customers to track fuel usage and get notified when it’s time to fill up.

Features: free to download on Apple Store and Google Play; allows customers to set up and register their gauge and hub; set alerts including freeze alert, low fuel level, hub connection lost, and more; and stores installation data, warranty dates, and other useful tank information.

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Click the links to see a list of Frequently Asked Questions for each of the topics below

BeckettLink® Tank Gauge

BeckettLink® Tank Gauge | Installation

BeckettLink® WiFi/BlueTooth® Hub

BeckettLink® WiFi/BlueTooth® Hub | Installation

BeckettLink® Connected Tank Gauge System

BeckettLink® Mobile Application

BeckettLink® Mobile Application | Hub Screens

BeckettLink® Mobile Application | Sharing Tank Gauge Information

BeckettLink® Tank Gauge

  • What will the tank gauge read when it is full? 100%?

    The tank gauge should only be filled to about 90% of capacity. Codes require a 10% margin at the top of the tank for expansion. The tank gauge will reflect the actual tank level.

  • They just filled my tank, but the tank gauge reads 30%. What gives?

    It may take up to 4.5 hours for the tank gauge to send out the next reading. Please wait to see if the tank gauge updates over the next few hours. You can also check the BeckettLink app under the tank gauge and see when the last reading was received.

  • What type of signal is the gauge using to measure the fluid level?

    The BeckettLink Tank Gauge uses an ultrasonic signal to measure the fluid level.

  • What types of fluids can the tank gauge be used with?

    The gauge is designed for use with combustible liquids like No. 2 fuel oil, kerosene or renewable diesel. It cannot be used with flammable liquids such as gasoline or liquid propane.

  • What are the operating temperatures for the Tank Gauge?

    -20°F TO + 150°F (-28.9°C to 65.6°C)

  • What kind of battery does the tank gauge use?

    The tank gauge uses a CR123A battery. All of our testing has been done using Panasonic brand batteries. Estimated battery life is approximately 10 years.

  • Can I use an AA battery in the tank gauge?

    No, an AA battery will not fit or provide the proper power. You must use the CR123A battery for proper operation.

  • Will I receive a low battery warning?

    Yes, you will receive an alert when the battery level reaches 30%.

  • My gauge has only been installed for a few weeks and the battery level has dropped from 100% to 90%. Is there something wrong with the battery or gauge?

    When the battery is new, a very small change in the output voltage can have a large impact on the % displayed. As the battery life approaches 50%, the reading will become much more stable.

  • How often does the tank gauge update the tank reading?

    The tank gauge sends an update to the hub every 4.5 hours.

  • Why is there a desiccant pack in the tank gauge? Should I just throw this away?

    The desiccant should stay in place in the tank gauge cover. It will help keep moisture away from electronic components.

  • How long will the desiccant pack last?

    The pack should be good for the life of the gauge.

  • Is there any moisture protection coating on the tank gauge electronics?

    No, the gaskets sealing the cover and the desiccant pack in the tank gauge cover are designed to protect the circuits from normal moisture accumulation.

BeckettLink® Tank Gauge | Installation

  • What tank adapters come with the BeckettLink Connected Tank Gauge Kit for mounting the gauge on the tank?

    The BeckettLink Connected Tank Gauge Kit comes with an adapter that can be used on either a 2" NPT threaded opening or a Euro Style (lined) tank. An additional gasket for use with the Euro Style tank is included in the kit.

  • Are other pipe size adapters besides the 2" NPT available?

    1-1/2" (RWB# 17024) and 1-1/4" NPT (RWB# 17026) adapters are available separately.

  • Can the gauge be installed on outdoor tanks or only indoor tanks?

    The gauge can be installed on outdoor tanks or indoor tanks. The hub must be installed indoors.

  • How far away from the hub can the tank gauge be placed?

    The tank gauge should be placed within 150 feet (45m) from the hub. The numbers of walls and building materials used can impact the useful range of the signal.

  • Do I need two tank gauges if I have twinned tanks?

    Just like float gauge applications, if the tanks are manifolded together and drain evenly, only one tank gauge is needed.

  • If two tanks are manifolded together do you set up the tank as a 275 gallon or as a 550 gallon tank?

    The tank size configuration screen in the app now includes an entry for the number of tanksmanifolded together. For a single tank leave the entry at 1. For two tanks, enter the size or dimensions of one tank (275) and change the entry to 2 tanks. The fuel level will still be on a percentage basis, but the dealer will know that the total fuel capacity is 550 gallons instead of 275 gallons.

  • Is it important to know the tank dimensions?

    Yes, most tanks will be covered by the 5 selections included in the app, but if your tank is not one of the standard sizes, it can be entered in the custom category by entering the dimensions of the tank. Getting the tank size correct is critical to the tank gauge displaying the correct fuel level.

  • Does my phone need to be near the hub during gauge registration?

    No, gauge registration is done through communication between the hub and the gauge.

BeckettLink® WiFi/BlueTooth® Hub

  • Do I have to use the BeckettLink Hub, or can I use an existing hub?

    You must use the BeckettLink Hub with the BeckettLink Tank Gauge. The Bluetooth Communication used to communicate from the tank gauge to the hub is unique.

  • Can the BeckettLink Hub be connected directly to an ethernet cable?

    Yes, but not for set up. The hub and gauge must be registered to the cloud using a WiFi network first. The hub and gauge cannot be registered to the cloud using the ethernet connection. The single ethernet connection is intended to be used only if the WiFi network is unreliable. No ethernet cable is provided with the BeckettLink Tank Gauge Kit.

  • How far away from the hub can the tank gauge be placed?

    The tank gauge should be placed within 150 feet (45m) from the hub. The numbers of walls and building materials used can impact the useful range of the signal.

  • Can the hub be used outdoors or in cold environments?

    No, the hub is designed for indoor use only and is rated for use above 32°F (0°C).

  • Only 3 of the LEDs on my hub are lit. Is there a problem?

    In normal operation, only three of the LEDs are on continuously. The green power, yellow WiFi and blue (Bluetooth) should all be on. The Red “!” LED will only come on if there is an error in the WiFi connection.

  • The green LED is flashing, what does that mean?

    The hub is rebooting. Once rebooting is complete, the Green, Yellow and Blue LEDS should be on continuously.

  • The yellow LED is flashing, what does that mean?

    The hub is connected to the internet, but the hub is not registered to the cloud.

BeckettLink® WiFi/BlueTooth® Hub | Installation

  • Does the WiFi function on my phone need to be on to register the hub?

    Yes, the phone needs to be able to connect to the WiFi network to complete hub registration. Make sure your phone is not in airplane mode.

  • Do I need to have my phone close to the hub during the hub registration process?

    Yes, have your phone close to the hub during the hub registration process. Your phone will use both the WiFi network and direct communication to the hub during the hub registration process.

  • Where should the hub be located?

    The hub needs to be located where it has a strong WiFi signal and near a 120-volt wall plug. If you want to use the freeze warning feature, the hub must be placed where it will sense room temperature. Do not place the hub in a cabinet or near other electronic devices or heat sources as this may cause temperature readings higher than the room temperature.

  • Hub registration keeps failing, what should I do?

    Check the LEDs on the hub. If the orange WiFi LED is flashing, use a paperclip to press the reset button on the bottom of the hub (see Hub Quick Start Guide). Wait for the WiFi LED to turn off before trying to register the hub again.

BeckettLink® Connected Tank Gauge System

  • Important information about WiFi System Set-Up

    If the WiFi system has anti-spoofing protocols enabled, whitelist SSIDs that start with "AC000W". Also make sure that the following network ports are open or whitelisted on your router: 80,443,53,55055, 55056. Anti-spoofing protocols are not typically used in residential applications.

  • Can I use this system if I don’t have WiFi?

    Yes, once the hub is registered you can use an ethernet cable to connect the hub to an ethernet port if WiFi is not available. However, the hub must be registered either through the dealer dashboard or through a WiFi network before connecting the ethernet cable to the hub.

  • What happens if we lose power? Will the hub and tank gauge recover on its own or will we have to redo the setup and pairing?

    The hub is designed to recover after a power outage or loss of WiFi. You should not have to redo the setup. The tank gauge is battery powered and not impacted by power outages.

  • Will I receive alerts on my phone when there is a problem with the tank Gauge or hub?

    Yes, you will receive alerts, but only on the phone or tablet used to register the devices. You will also receive email notification on the items listed below:

    • Low Fuel level – email and alert
    • Hub Connection Lost – email and alert
    • Hub Connection Restored – email and alert
    • Gauge Connection Lost (after 20 hours)– email and alert
    • Gauge Connection Restored – email and alert
    • Low Battery Level – email and alert
    • Low Temperature (Freeze Alert) – email & alert
    • Signup Confirmation – email
    • Password Reset – email
    • Shares – email
  • Why am I not getting push notifications on my tablet?

    Push notifications only work on the device originally used to register the devices. If you sign into your account on multiple devices (phone and tablet), you will only receive the push notifications on the original device. You should receive email notifications on all devices linked to the email account.

  • Is there a weak signal warning?

    The BeckettLink App has two bar graphs showing the strength of the signals. In the BeckettLink App, click on the tank gauge button in the app dashboard to see the strength of signal from the tank gauge to the hub. Click on the hub button to see the strength of the WiFi signal to the hub.

  • How many devices can connect to the hub at the same time?

    15 or more devices can be connected to a single hub.

  • Is there a possibility of any radio interference?

    The communication from the hub to the gauge is a special Bluetooth communication. The tank gauge and hub have been tested and passed FCC requirements prohibiting interference with other devices.

  • How long does it take to install the tank gauge and hub.

    The tank gauge itself should not take more than 5-10 minutes to install. Connecting the hub to Wifi and the tank gauge to the hub should take about 10-12 minutes, depending on whether or not the BeckettLink app has already been downloaded.

  • Are the tank gauge and hub UL approved?

    The hub power supply is UL listed. UL has recently updated the standard for tank gauges. We are currently working with UL to have our gauge listed.

  • What is the warranty period for the tank gauge and hub?

    The warranty period is 24 months from date of initially connection to the cloud. That date is recorded in the cloud, and the time remaining on the warranty is shown in the BeckettLink App. Removing the hub or gauge from the cloud and reregistering the devices or moving the devices to a new location or WiFi network does not change the initial installation date or the warranty period.

  • Do the gauge and hub have to be set up on the dashboard before they are installed?

    No but setting up the gauge and hub first in the dealer dashboard can speed the installation process.

BeckettLink® Mobile Application

  • Will the app work with either Android or Apple phones?

    There are two different apps, one for Android and one for iOS (Apple). Apple users must have iOS v11 or newer. The iOS app is available on the App Store, the Android app is available on the Google Play Store.

  • Can the app be used to setup the hub on any WiFi network?

    The Android app can commission the hub to any available WiFi network. Apple devices can only connect the hub to the WiFi network that the phone or hub is connected to.

  • My phone doesn’t show any available WiFi networks.

    Make sure the WiFi function is turned on in settings on your phone. Also make sure the airplane mode is turned off.

  • How do I enable the fingerprint ID for the BeckettLink Mobile App?

    For iOS (Apple) Use the hamburger menu to go to settings. Turn on "Require Login" and "Enable Touch ID Authentication". For Android, use the hamburger menu to go to settings. Turn on "Require Login" and "Use fingerprint to authenticate".

  • The QR scan did not work, which number on the label do I enter in the app.

    The Network ID number should be used. The number for the hub is printed on the label on the bottom of the hub. The number for the tank gauge is printed on the tank gauge label and also on the label included with the Quick Start Guide.

  • Will the customer have to provide their WiFi password to me to set up the tank gauge.

    The customer can download the BeckettLink App to their phone and connect the hub and tank gauge using their app. The tank gauge can physically be installed to the tank and the customer can connect the hub to WiFi using the BeckettLink App at a later time. Once the battery tab is removed, the tank gauge will be in discovery mode for 48 hours. After that time, the customer would need to push and hold the button next to the battery holder on the tank gauge to put the tank gauge in discovery mode.

  • Can the tech/installer use their own phone to set up the hub and gauge and connect the hub to the internet?

    Only if they have the WiFi password or have the homeowner connect the tech’s phone to the WiFi network they want to use. It is probably better to have the customer connect the WiFi using their own phone on their network.

  • Can I have the BeckettLink app on more than one device?

    Yes, you can have the app on a phone and tablet or on more than one phone, but the app has to be downloaded on each device. Push notifications will only be received on the device originally used to register the device.

  • Can you force a communication from the gauge to the hub using the app.

    No, in order to save battery life, the gauge is in the sleep mode most of the time. The only way to force a communication from the tank gauge is to press the button on the tank gauge.

  • Is the low temperature alert adjustable?

    The low temperature alert can be adjusted from 35°F to 60°F.

  • Is the low fuel level alert adjustable?

    The low fuel alert is adjustable from 15% to 100%.

  • Is the low battery level alert adjustable?

    No, the low battery level alert is fixed at 30% of battery life.

  • What happens if I change my tank? Do I have to get a new tank gauge?

    If you are changing tanks – in the tank gauge screen, click on Edit. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Remove this tank gauge. Then click on Reconfigure to set the new tank dimensions.

  • What happens if I change my WiFi router or my internet service provider?

    Go to the hub screen and click on edit. Click on Change WiFi settings and follow the instructions in the app. You will need to reset the hub using a paper clip or pin to push the reset button located in the pinhole on the bottom of the hub.

  • What happens if I change email accounts?

    Touch the menu in the top left corner of the app to open the main menu. Touch Account and scroll down to new email and hit Change.

  • Can I change my password?

    Use the menu in the top left corner of the app to open the main menu. Choose Account and scroll down to password. Enter the current password, enter and confirm the new password. Hit change.

BeckettLink® Mobile Application | Hub Screens

  • In the hub page of the app, it says indoor temperature “Okay”. What is this used for?

    The temperature is the temperature near the hub (indoor). This is an approximation and is designed only to provide a warning against possible indoor freeze up. The app will read “Okay” if the temperature is above the freeze warning temperature selected in the app. The temperature will read “Off” if no freeze warning temperature has been selected. If the temperature falls below the selected temperature, you will receive a low temperature alert and the app will display the approximate indoor temperature.

    Note: The temperature reading will depend on the placement of the hub. If the hub is placed in a cabinet or around the heat of other electronics, it may not accurately reflect the temperature in the house.

BeckettLink® Mobile Application | Sharing Tank Gauge Information

  • Can I share my tank gauge information with my dealer or with family or a friend?

    Yes, you can share with you dealer or family and friends.

    If your tank gauge was purchased from or installed by an oil dealer – they may already have set up to monitor your tank gauge level.

    To share with a dealer:

    1. Open the BeckettLink app and touch the three-line menu symbol in the top left corner of the app.
    2. Tap Shares
    3. Under Dealer Monitoring – Tap to Set Up
      • A list of dealers in your zip code will be provided — choose your dealer from that list

    To share with family or friends:

    The person you want to share with must download the BeckettLink App on their phone or tablet and set up an account (Name, email address, password).

    1. Once your friend or family member has set set up an account, open the share page on your BeckettLink® Mobile App by touching the three-line menu symbol in the top left-hand corner of the app
    2. Tap Shares
    3. Touch the + symbol
      • Enter email address of the person you wish to share with
      • Select when you want to share to start – select now or tap button and enter a date
      • Select when you want the share to end – select now or tap button and enter date
      • Select devices to share
      • Select view only or control if you would like them to be able to adjust alert levels
      • Tap Create Share