New Features In The Beckett R7184 Series 5 Primary Controls

664857-1Advances in electronics technology are making an exciting impact in our oilheat industry. These developments have enabled control manufacturers to put high-performance features into residential primary controls. Since its introduction in 1999, the Beckett R7184 primary control has made advancements and added features to meet the need of a changing industry. This technical bulletin will discuss some of the new benefits and wiring improvements to the Beckett R7184 revision 5 primary control.

The operational sequence, interrupted ignition, limited recycle and reset, diagnostic LED and communication port remain consistent on the R7184A, B, P revision 5 as with the previous revision.



  • Matching wire colors between components and control will reduce mistakes during wiring.
  • Quick Connects on the lead wires from the burner components and wire harnesses allow quick component change-out and reduce the number of leads in the wiring box.
  • Data port connection enables reading control characteristics with Honeywell Diagnostick TM, QS7100T tester or OnWatch QuickRead TM711.
  • EnviraCOMTM communication terminals have been added for future networking customization for HVAC systems.

Wiring System Change

Beckett burners have taken advantage of the changes in the R7184 controls to improve the wiring system. Component and power cord wires, now color-coded to match the terminal colors on the control, are terminated with 0.25-inch flag terminals (QCs) to fit the spade connectors (QCs) on the control. During the time required to convert all components and controls to the new wiring system, some adaptations may be required when replacing individual components on the burner.

CHANGING COMPONENTS – When changing components, the type of connection that you need to make depends on the way the components (motor, valve, igniter), power cord and control are terminated. Where all the leads / connections are the same, no modifications are required. Where the two ends of a connection are dissimilar, see the options in the following table:



If your components are terminated like this: You should use the following:
Components Control Connection options
Stripped end Wire leads
  • Wire nuts
Flag terminal Spade
  • QC (Quick Connect)
Flag Terminal Wire leads
  • Cut flag terminal and strip end-wire nut
Stripped end Spade
  • Add flag terminal to component lead – QC
  • Cut existing component lead 6 -7 in. from flag terminal and strip end-wire nut (Fig. 1 & 2)


Beckett Service Kits for termination conversion:

51947: Full service kit including a full complement of (6) QC pigtails (BLK, W, O, BLU, V, R), (6) wire nuts and (9) 0.25-inch flag terminals, and this instruction sheet.

51948: Termination kit including (9) 0.25-inch flag terminals, (6) wire nuts, and instruction sheet.