GeniSys Oil Control & Contractor Tool

THE PROBLEM: Control Lockout with Contractor Tool or Display

Beckett has recently become aware of occasional problems when using the 52082 Contractor Tool or the 52067 Snap-on Display with our GeniSys line of oil primary controls.  The control response will depend on whether the control is an AC powered GeniSys control (7505, 7575, 7580) or a DC powered GeniSys control (7556).

We have received reports that when the contractor’s tool is connected to the GeniSys control and the technician moves to the “View History” screen, the control enters lockout.   Pushing the reset button on the AC controls does not reset the control.  We have verified this in our lab.  We have seen the same situation on the AC controls if the control was in hard lockout when the contractor tool or display was connected.  This is a random event and happens only occasionally.  It is dependent on the exact timing when the message from the contractor’s tool is received by the control.  If the contractor tool or display is connected and left on the “View History” screen, the chances the control will lockout are increased.

AC Controls:  When the control locks out, the control cannot be reset using the reset button while the contractor tool or display is connected.  The contractor’s tool has to be disconnected, then it should reset normally.  In some cases, it may be necessary to remove power from the control in order for the control to be reset.

DC Controls:  The control may automatically reset and start up again, which could be repeated if the contractor tool remains connected and is displaying the “View History” screen.   The contractor’s tool has to be disconnected, then the control should reset normally by cycling power.

Removing the contractor tool and cycling power to the control has enabled the lockout to be cleared in all cases we have seen.  Once the control is successfully reset, it will operate properly.  There is no reason to replace or return the control.

Engineering has been working on the issue.  A reordering of the software sequence has resolved the problem.  The revised software will be put into production as rapidly as possible.

The chart below shows the model numbers and series designations which may exhibit the lockout problem.    The control series can be identified by reading the label located on the lower front of the 7505 and on the side of the DC controls.

Model  Number Description Affected Series
7505 120v AC Control 10, K
7575 240v AC Control A
7580 120v AC Potted / Industrial Control A
7556 12v DC Control 6, G

AC-DC Series Designation