An Introduction To The Beckett Cleancut Fuel Unit: Part II

The Beckett CleanCut pump is constructed from many of the same components used in the traditional style Suntec A2VA-7116 pump, however it operates in a significantly different way. This difference requires the use of a cover gasket that includes a top center hole.

This technical bulletin will discuss the Beckett CleanCut pump’s gasket.


The top center hole in the gasket is required to allow oil to freely flow through the bypass (return) circuit. There is a possibility that failure to provide this hole could restrict the oil flow, that can prevent the piston regulating valve from closing properly, thus allowing oil to continue to flow to the nozzle.

Recommended Gaskets for the CleanCut Pump:

Beckett Part No: 21876
Suntec Part No: 3779801

Other Major manufacturers of pump gaskets have been contacted and have been encouraged to update their designs. Any gasket not conforming to the above requirements should not be used. Note, these gaskets are also acceptable with the A2VA-7116 pump.