2N1R Assemblies and 7600P LWCO Enabled Sensors

Beckett has identified a manufacturing process issue with current production of the 7600P LWCO enabled sensors used in our 76002N1R assemblies. These sensors are used with our AquaSmart Boiler Control. This problem can cause a failure in the low water cutoff circuit.   If this occurs, the control will enter low water cutoff lockout and not allow the burner or boiler to operate.

Beckett has suspended shipment of the 76002N1R assemblies and 7600P LWCO enabled sensors until the problem is resolved. The issue causing the failure has been identified, and both design and process changes will be implemented as soon as thorough testing is completed.

If you experience a problem with a 76002N1R assembly or 7600P sensor, please make sure that the sensor is fully inserted into the well and that the sensor is properly grounded. If the sensor is not properly grounded or fully inserted into the well, a low water cutoff lockout will occur.

Due to the wide variation in applications (including control model number, sensor model, voltage, well insertion length, wire lead lengths and wiring termination) it is not possible to offer a single solution for all applications. Please call Beckett and our Service Technicians will work with you to identify the option that best fits your application and situation. A dedicated AquaSmart hotline is available at 800-645-2876 menu option #3. Current inventory of used or unused 7600P sensors or 76002N1R sensors can be returned to Beckett under warranty.

The 7600A and 7600B AquaSmart controls are continuing to perform well in the field as they have for the last four years. The issue with the sensor is not a problem caused by the control. Beckett expects the controls will provide many years of service in the field.

As soon as we have a solution in place, Beckett will resume shipping the 76002N1R assemblies and 7600P LWCO enabled sensors.