Family of Companies

Founded in 1937 and a privately held company spanning three generations, R.W. Beckett has been built on a sturdy foundation of three core values: integrity, excellence, and profound respect for the individual. Adherence to these values has helped solidify our position as a world leader in our areas of expertise.

Beckett GasBeckett Gas

Beckett Gas has been partnering with customers since 1988 to create effective engineering solutions in gas combustion. Our extensive experience enables us to produce reliable gas combustion components, within exacting tolerances, for eight different industries.

Beckett AirBeckett Air

Beckett Air specializes in moving air. We manufacture a wide variety of centrifugal assembly-ready, single and double fergas blower wheels, strip wheels, backward inclined blower wheels, reverse flow, cross flow blower wheels and blower housings. Beckett Air also provides airflow performance and engineering services.

Beckett Asia PacificBAP

Beckett Asia Pacific opened for business in Beijing China in February 2007,  providing a source of electronic components and engineering support to bring solutions to the growing HVAC market in China.

Beckett Canada

Beckett Canada, established in 1990 in Guelph, Ontario, facilitates hands-on support for the substantial oil heat industry “north of the border.”

Beckett Energy

Beckett Energy Systems has harnessed the best of today’s advanced energy technologies to meet the energy, power, and storage requirements that emerging and innovative products need. Leveraging Beckett’s 75+ years of engineering, commercialization, and manufacturing expertise, they strive to passionately serve their customers as they expand into the electricity storage and other energy product markets.