Hago/Danfoss Nozzles: Manufacturing Changes

In January 2018, RW Beckett was informed by our supplier Hago Nozzles that they would be closing their Mountainside, NJ manufacturing facility in May 2018. They have subsequently moved manufacturing of Hago nozzles to a Danfoss facility in Europe.

This change has affected their product offering for ‘Solid’ pattern nozzles used in Beckett and other oil burners. Hago has discontinued the ‘ES’ and ‘P’ spray patterns which have been used as ‘spec’ nozzles in some of our burners for quite some time. They have consolidated all solid spray pattern nozzles to their ‘B’ solid pattern.

Additionally, this has been complicated by the fact that we were more recently informed that the ‘B’ pattern nozzle will only be available from Hago in ratings up to 6.00GPH. The ‘P’ pattern nozzle, popular in our line of commercial burners, will no longer be available, and there is no solid pattern nozzle above 6.00gph available from Hago.

RW Beckett has been extensively testing these new ‘B’ nozzles in various applications to assure you, our valued customers, that in performance and burner set-up you will continue to get the very best combination of burner and nozzle for each specification that calls for a Hago nozzle.

Actions we are taking:

  • All specifications for nozzles above 6.00GPH will be changing to Delavan ‘B’ nozzles as our supply of Danfoss ‘P’ nozzles are depleted.
  • All specifications for Hago ‘ES’, ‘P’, and current ‘B’ nozzles are being evaluated for flowrate, pattern, and performance vs. the new versions now being supplied. So far, these results are very promising and we look forward to continuing to offer Hago nozzles for the applications where they work best.

Please feel free to contact your Account Rep, Sales Engineer, or our Technical Service Department with any questions or concerns.