R.W. Beckett Announces Renewable Certification For All Existing Burners

SUBJECT: Renewable Certification
USED WITH: All Existing Beckett Burners

R.W. Beckett Announces Renewable Certification For All Existing Burners

R.W. Beckett has become the first manufacturer to test and certify that all its existing burners are rated for R20 fuel, which is a 20% renewable diesel. The certification of Beckett’s entire lineup of burners now provides dealers and their technicians a way to introduce a green fuel solution without sacrificing their customers’ burner performance. This announcement reinforces Beckett’s ongoing commitment to alternative, green fuels, as the company already provides a Biodiesel Retrofit Kit that can be installed on Beckett model AF and AFG burners for the use of B20 biodiesel fuels.

This combination of renewable diesel and biodiesel fuel burner solutions under one brand provides a green solution for the market regardless of their choice in sustainable fuels. “We are excited and proud to approve the 20% blend of oxygen-free renewable diesel (R20) to all new and the existing installed base of Beckett burners along with current warranty coverage up to R20,” says Fred Hunt, Director of Sales and Marketing. “We see renewable diesel as a breakthrough that offers oil heat the lowest carbon footprint option available.”

Learn more about Beckett’s entire line up of burners: easy to install and to service, engineered to provide years of reliable service, and backed by solid technical support and fast delivery.

Learn more about the Beckett AF/AFG Oil Burner: in the Beckett AFG burner, technically advanced components meet increased demand for improved burner performance in high-efficiency appliances and modern well-insulated homes. These advanced components are available on our B2000 series chassis and on a growing number of OEM appliances. The AFG’s performance-enhancing features will help you meet today’s toughest heating system challenges.

Learn more about the Beckett B20KITAF1 Biodiesel Retrofit Kit: upgrades currently installed Beckett model AF and AFG burners for use with the higher blends of biodiesel in #1 and #2 heating oil. Retrofitting installed burners with this kit will help address issues such as contact with yellow metals, pump reliability and cut-off concerns. This kit only addresses the burner, other fuel supply components may be affected and need to be addressed.

All Beckett products are available through Beckett Distribution. Dealers and Service companies should place orders through their distributors.

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