Electronic Oil Igniters

Beckett’s new PowerLight Igniters offers improved performance and longer life. This igniter is easy to install and is designed as a universal replacement for Beckett and other manufacturer’s burners.

Features & Benefits

  • UL recognized in the US and Canada (120 V only).
  • Small size and lightweight.
  • Adapts to multiple baseplates – making it the most versatile unit on the market. It will also fit on many other vendors’ transformer baseplates.
  • 20 kV peak rating guarantees quick and efficient ignition.
  •  vacuum encapsulation process using a synthetic resin provides resistance to moisture and excellent heat dissipation and electrical insulation.
  • Case material is a high-temperature thermoplastic that provides high impact strength and scratch resistance, and is impenetrable to most chemicals.
  • Case design has “breakout” sections at the rear and side for lead wire exit and a hood to neatly cover and protect these wires where required.
Igniter PowerLight 12vIgnitersIgniter Powerlight 240v

Oil Igniter Dimensions


Igniter Voltage Secondary Voltage/mA Primary VA Dimensions in Inches Weight
A B B2 C C2 D E
12 V 20 kV Peak, 30 mA 1.6″ 4.5″ 4.0″ 2.0″ 0.86″ 1.3lbs.
120 V 6 kV RMS, 20 kV Peak, 35 mA* 35** 1.6″ 4.5″  4.1″ 3.5″ 4.0″ 2.0″ 0.86″ 1.1lbs.
240 V 6 kV RMS, 20 kV Peak, 35 mA 1.6″ 4.5″ 4.0″ 2.0″ 0.86″ 1.3lbs.
*AFII = 40 mA, **AFII = 40 VA


Igniter Kits

Kit Pt. No. Application
120V AC
51838U Igniter Only 120V (For all A & S Models)
51771U Beckett A, AF, AFG, NX
51824U Beckett S, SF, SMG, SR, SM, CF500, CF800
51825U Wayne M
51827U Wayne E
51836U Wayne HS (No base plate)
240V AC
5199706U Igniter Only 240V (For all A & S Models)
5199701U Beckett A, AF, AFG, NX
5199702U Beckett SM, SF, CF500, CF800
5199707U Wayne MSR
5199708U Wayne EH, EHASR
12V DC
5218303U Beckett SDC
5218309U Igniter Only
5218301U Beckett ADC
5218307U Wayne M-DC
5218305U Wayne

Other Kits for the Igniter

Kit Pt. No. Application
51830U Beckett A Housing Base Plate*
51831U Beckett S Housing Base Plate*
51842U Terminal Kit
51304 Gasket Kit for AFG
51832U Carlin 100
51841U Carlin 200
51834U Aero
51833U Wayne E Base Plate*
51829U Wayne M Base Plate*
7006U Cad Cell

*includes one base plate, hardware and instructions

Electronic Oil Igniter Kit – 51835


  • Lightweight: Entire Kit weighs less than one standard transformer
  • Diverse: Four igniters, assorted mounting plates and terminals allow for easy adaptation to:
    1. Aero
    2. Beckett (A, AF, AFG, NX, S, SF, SMG, SR, SM, CF500, CF800)
    3. Carlin (100, 101CRD, 102CRD, 200, 201 & 500CRD)
    4. Wayne (M, E, HS, DC)
    5. Weil McLain

Igniters for Pressure Washers
12VDC Product Sheet
120V Igniters Product Sheet
24VDC Product Sheet
240VAC PowerLight Product Sheet

12V Oil Igniter Instructions
24V Oil Igniter Instructions
240V PowerLight Oil Igniter Instructions
Gas Igniter Instructions

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