BeckettLink® Tank Gauge

The BeckettLink® Tank Gauge is compatible with the BeckettLink® Connected Tank Gauge System. The tank gauge delivers accurate fuel level readings to the BeckettLink® WiFi Hub using reliable and accurate extended range Bluetooth® signal. The gauge provides a reliable connection with a range of 150’+ and a 10-year estimated battery life and is designed for use on both indoor and outdoor tanks. The BeckettLink Tank Gauge communicates every 4.5 hours to update fuel information in the cloud that can be accessed by dealers and customers on mobile devices at anytime and from anywhere.

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The BeckettLink Tank Gauge can be accessed through the myTechnicianMobile App to help HVAC dealers monitor their customers’ fuel systems.

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  • Gauge with extended range Bluetooth® connection to the BeckettLink™ WiFi Hub
  • Tank level can be accessed from a mobile device anywhere
  • Features BeckettLink™ WiFi Hub that connects gauge to WiFi signal
  • Easy set-up and connection through the myTechnician™ Mobile App
  • 150 ft. gauge to hub range
  • Works on tanks up to 72” diameter
  • Standard Lithium battery in gauge with up to 10 year battery life
  • More accurate and reliable than a float gauge
  • Information can be ‘shared’ with others using the myTechnician™ Mobile App
  • Multiple gauges can be connected to a single hub
  • Tank adapter for 2”NPT and ‘Euro’ style tank fitting

Approved Fuels:

  • Fuel Oils
  • Kerosene
  • Diesel fuel
  • Renewable Diesel Fuel
  • Biodiesel and Biodiesel blends
  • Motor oils & gear oils


  • Height: 4-1/2″ Overall | 3-5/8″ Installed
  • 3-1/8″ Diameter

Power Supply – Gauge

  • 3VDC Lithium battery CR123A
  • Battery life – Up to 10 years
  • Communications distance gauge to hub = 150ft

Tank Adapter:

  • 2″ MPT w/ Flange to fit ‘Euro’ tanks
  • Height: 1-7/8″ Overall | 5/8” Flange to Top
  • Diameter: 3-3/8″
  • 1-1/2″ MPT & 1-1/4″ MPT Adapters available (Sold Separately)

The following FAQs relate specifically to the BeckettLink® Wifi Hub. For additional FAQs related to the overall BeckettLink® Connected Tank Gauge System including WiFi System Set-Up, System details please CLICK HERE.


Q: What will the tank gauge read when it is full? 100%?

A: The tank gauge should only be filled to about 90% of capacity. Codes require a 10% margin at the top of the tank for expansion. The tank gauge will reflect the actual tank level.

Q: They just filled my tank, but the tank gauge reads 30%.

A: It may take up to 4.5 hours for the tank gauge to send out the next reading. Please wait to see if the tank gauge updates over the next few hours. You can also check the BeckettLink app under the tank gauge and see when the last reading was received.

Q: What type of signal is the gauge using to measure the fluid level?

A: The BeckettLink Tank Gauge uses an ultrasonic signal to measure the fluid level.

Q: What types of fluids can the tank gauge be used with?

A: The gauge is designed for use with combustible liquids like No. 2 fuel oil, kerosene or renewable diesel. It cannot be used with flammable liquids such as gasoline or liquid propane.

Q: What are the operating temperatures for the Tank Gauge?

A: -20°F TO + 150°F (-28.9°C to 65.6°C)

Q: What kind of battery does the tank gauge use?

A: The tank gauge uses a CR123A battery. All of our testing has been done using Panasonic brand batteries. Estimated battery life is approximately 10 years.

Q: Can I use an AA battery in the tank gauge?

A: No, an AA battery will not fit or provide the proper power. You must use the CR123A battery for proper operation.

Q: Will I receive a low battery warning?

A: Yes, you will receive an alert when the battery level reaches 30%.

Q: My gauge has only been installed for a few weeks and the battery level has dropped from 100% to 90%. Is there something wrong with the battery or gauge?

A: When the battery is new, a very small change in the output voltage can have a large impact on the % displayed. As the battery life approaches 50%, the reading will become much more stable.

Q: How often does the tank gauge update the tank reading?

A: The tank gauge sends an update to the hub every 4.5 hours.

Q: Why is there a desiccant pack in the tank gauge? Should I just throw this away?

A: The desiccant should stay in place in the tank gauge cover. It will help keep moisture away from electronic components.

Q: How long will the desiccant pack last?

A: The pack should be good for the life of the gauge.

Q: Is there any moisture protection coating on the tank gauge electronics?

A: No, the gaskets sealing the cover and the desiccant pack in the tank gauge cover are designed to protect the circuits from normal moisture accumulation.

Gauge Installation

Q: What tank adapters come with the BeckettLink Connected Tank Gauge Kit for mounting the gauge on the tank?

A: The BeckettLink Connected Tank Gauge Kit comes with an adapter that can be used on either a 2″ NPT threaded opening or a Euro Style (lined) tank. An additional gasket for use with the Euro Style tank is included in the kit.

Q: Are other pipe size adapters besides the 2″ NPT available?

A: 1-1/2″ (RWB# 17024) and 1-1/4″ NPT (RWB# 17026) adapters are available separately.

Q: Can the gauge be installed on outdoor tanks or only indoor tanks?

A: The gauge can be installed on outdoor tanks or indoor tanks. The hub must be installed indoors.

Q: Do I need two tank gauges if I have twinned tanks?

A: Just like float gauge applications, if the tanks are manifolded together and drain evenly, only one tank gauge is needed.

Q: If two tanks are manifolded together do you set up the tank as a 275 or as a 550-gallon tank.

A: The tank size configuration screen in the app now includes an entry for the number of tanks manifolded together. For a single tank leave the entry at 1. For two tanks, enter the size or dimensions of one tank (275) and change the entry to 2 tanks. The fuel level will still be on a percentage basis, but the dealer will know that the total fuel capacity is 550 gallons instead of 275 gallons.

Q: Is it important to know the tank dimensions?

A: Yes, most tanks will be covered by the 5 selections included in the app, but if your tank is not one of the standard sizes, it can be entered in the custom category by entering the dimensions of the tank. Getting the tank size correct is critical to the tank gauge displaying the correct fuel level.

Q: Does my phone need to be near the hub during gauge registration?

A: No, gauge registration is done through communication between the hub and the gauge.

Q: How far away from the hub can the tank gauge be placed?

A: The tank gauge should be placed within 150 feet (45m) from the hub. The numbers of walls and building materials used can impact the useful range of the signal.

Download BeckettLink® Tank Gauge Installation and Instruction Manual – ENGLISH

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