Core Values

At R.W. Beckett Corporation we believe our corporate philosophy and people, as well as our history, are unique — setting us apart from other companies. We’ve survived many challenges — within our industry and within our organization — and have emerged stronger and hopefully wiser with each challenge.

We work to nurture relationships daily: with our employees by creating a work environment that fosters growth and well-being; with our customers by providing products that are well-made, priced fairly and supported technically; and with our suppliers and others with whom we conduct business by treating them as we would like to be treated. We strive to serve the larger good, helping meet human needs in the community and beyond.

The character of a company is determined by those in leadership: their values, their competence, their commitment, their ability to work well together, and the example they set. We aspire to the finest possible management at all levels, seeking long-term relationships, internal and external, based on respect and trust.

Our company endeavors to apply a biblically-based philosophy throughout every phase of its operations, providing a corporate atmosphere that promotes individual health, advancement in learning and strong families.


Corporate Roadmap (PDF)


Our vision is to build a family of exceptional companies–each of which serves its customers in distinct and important ways–and each of which reflects the practical application of biblical values throughout.

Mission Statement

By God’s Grace we will…

  • Grow
  • Relentlessly Improve
  • Passionately Serve Our Customers and Fellow Employees

Enduring Values

Our company is built on a platform of three core values:

  • Integrity,
  • Excellence, and
  • Profound Respect for the Individual.

Adherence to these values has helped solidify our position as a world leader in our areas of expertise.

Guiding Principles

  • Customer focused
  • Led with excellence
  • A leader in technology
  • Committed to growth
  • A great place to work
  • Known by our values

Always understand customer requirements and satisfy their highest expectations.

Be close to our customers at all levels, include them in activities that drive optimum solutions, and focus on helping them achieve success in their business.

Be very easy to do business with.

Merit such customer confidence that they will single source with us wherever possible. Be fanatical about listening, being responsive and following through on commitments, while avoiding any kind of arrogance or indifference.

As a vital element of our value chain, we expect our suppliers to be world class in every regard and we will be proactive in helping them achieve it.


The character of a company is determined by its leadership – their values, competence, energy, ability to work well together and the example they set. We aspire to excellent leadership at all levels.

A chief function of management is to serve subordinates – to set clear goals, encourage initiative, give positive reinforcement, remove roadblocks, secure needed resources (including help from others) and evaluate and recognize progress.

We expect every manager to face reality and act decisively. This requires proper analysis, seeking multiple views and building consensus where appropriate.

In resolving conflict we will work toward “win-win” resolution, regarding both individual worth and our need to continually improve.

We’re committed to increase our leadership capacities through individual growth and the development of others, enabling the company to grow and to adjust to external change.


Be THE company our industry turns to for innovation, product excellence, technical support and field training.

Product excellence embraces design, performance, reliability, simplicity, serviceability and manufacturability – avoiding costs that cannot be recovered in the marketplace.

Encourage individuals and allocate resources so that rapid technical development and deployment are a way of life.

Require outstanding product designs, manufacturing methods, business processes, machinery, equipment, and parts in order to achieve product quality, low cost and minimal frustration to our employees.

Committed to Growth

We aspire to sustained growth, recognizing the benefits for ownership, employees, customers and the community.

We will pursue internal growth – opportunities that are adjacent to our core business and which add value to our customers, and external growth – opportunities which take us in new directions outside the core business, as long as we do not put the core business at risk.

Further, we fully embrace proven management systems that will enhance our overall capabilities, including Lean and Six Sigma.

We expect individual growth. We will provide opportunities for education and training to complement personal initiative.

Work Environment

We want our work and work relationships to be dynamic, challenging, rewarding and respectful – and all employees to be knowledgeable and well trained, with a strong sense of accountability and personal responsibility.

We anticipate ongoing change, and want change to be viewed as an opportunity, not a threat.

We will foster a culture of innovation throughout the company, encouraging both large and many small improvements.

We want to build on the concept of teams and teamwork, encouraging good communications, mutual support and respect for our fellow employees regardless of position.


Our intention is to be a Christ-centered company, looking to the One described in scriptures as vested with all authority in heaven and earth.

We will conduct ourselves with dignity, adhering to the highest ethical and moral standards.

Our vision can best be achieved by staying focused and privately held, and by not getting too large at any one location.

We will continuously work toward clear, straightforward and sustainable solutions.

We will stay close to our customers and suppliers, and be absolutely on top of our business, avoiding indifference and complacency.

We desire to be known as honorable, reliable, and trustworthy, always willing to go the extra mile for something we believe in.

We don’t apologize for being old-fashioned when it comes to hard work, providing value and keeping commitments.

We want a lean, action-oriented business, avoiding redundancy and bureaucracy. We expect to be modest in our style and conduct.

Profits are important and necessary, but never at the expense of good, long-term business judgment.

Recognizing there are business cycles, we have a high priority to provide employment stability.

We want to be good “corporate citizens” – active in serving others, helping meet human needs in the community and beyond.

We realize we are not an end in ourselves, but a part of God’s larger purposes. As such, we are called upon to work as “unto Him,” to view our business as a trust and to be wise and able stewards of the trust He has placed with us.

We realize we are dispensable at any time in God’s economy, but that it is also possible to conduct ourselves in such a way as to please Him and find His continuing favor.