Standardizing Electrode Settings

For many years our electrode settings have remained unchanged. However, in recent years we found that an alternate electrode setting worked well in certain applications. This change amounted to lowering the electrode tips downward from the old standard 7/16” to 5/16” above the nozzle centerline.

We have seen an improvement in light-offs with the 5/16” settings, especially on installations that are susceptible to cold oil or high oil viscosity. The 5/16” setting places the high voltage arc where it can more effectively ignite the larger droplets produced by colder or higher viscosity fuel oils.

In an effort to improve performance and better serve the market we have decided to standardize the electrode settings for our “F” head applications by eliminating the old 7/16” above centerline standard electrode setting and using the 5/16” above centerline setting as the standard setting. The electrode position of 1/16” in front of the nozzle and the 5/32” gap between the electrode tips will remain unchanged.

The following diagram will show you the 5/16” standard specifications:


The standard 5/16” dimension can be used on all Series AF, AFG, SR, SM and SF burners using the “F” style head and will remain the standard setting for our L1, V1 and FBX airtube combinations. Our goal with the standardization of our electrode settings is to make your service work easier and more efficient.