AquaSmart Sensor Firmware Update

AquaSmart Sensor Firmware Update to expand galvanic voltage operating range and improve compatibility with propylene glycol and corrosion inhibitors.

Beckett has updated two parameters in the 7600P 2N1R sensor firmware (software). These changes address two conditions identified in the field.  The revision indicator on the 7600P sensor will change from REV D to REV E.

AS Sensor Firmware updateBackground

Based on customer feedback and internal testing, Beckett has updated the firmware (software) in the 7600P 2N1R Sensors to improve low water cutoff operation in heating systems using propylene glycol or other antifreeze compounds with corrosion inhibitors.

The use of antifreeze compounds with corrosion inhibitors in heating systems can increase the conductivity of the liquid in the heating system above the level normally seen in water alone.  In some cases, this high level of conductivity in the liquid was interpreted as a short in the low water cutoff system and did not allow the sensor to properly indicate the presence of liquid (water) at the sensor.  (The control display will show “Lockout-Low Water”.)

The second adjustment again reflects feedback from field installations.  The 7600P and AquaSmart control compensate for the galvanic voltage in the boiler as part of the low water cutoff system.  Millivolt readings in some applications were outside the expected range.  (The control display will show “Lockout-Low Water”.)   The range of acceptable millivolt readings was increased in the software to accommodate a broader variety of field conditions.