AquaSmart Firmware Revision

THE PROBLEM: Change in Automatic Low Limit, correcting Average Temperature Calculation

A new revision of the AquaSmart Firmware has been put into production. This revision of the firmware has two changes:

  1. The automatic low limit function, which provided a low limit at 60º F, has been removed.  This automatic low limit function operated when the low limit was configured for the off position.  Now, when the low limit is configured for the off position, there will be no low limit function.
  2. Beckett recently became aware of an error in the calculation used for the Average Temperature History.  The error could result in out of range temperatures being recorded in the Average Temperature History.  The calculation did not, in any way, impact the actual performance of the control.  The suspect calculation was only used on the history screen and not for any control function.   This revision of the firmware has corrected the error.

ASFirmwareThe units with the updated firmware will have an E control revision designation. The exception to this is the 7600B1001 which has an F control revision designation.

Please contact your Beckett representative if you have any questions regarding these changes.