7700 BeckettLink™

SUBJECT: 7700 BeckettLink™ Product Introduction
USED WITH: 7586 and 7590 Beckett Gas Ignition Controls

Introducing the 7700A0001U BeckettLink™ Diagnostic and Configuration Tool

The 7700A BeckettLink™ Diagnostic and Configuration Tool is designed for use with a smart phone or tablet to configure and troubleshoot Beckett Gas Ignition Controls.

Use with:
7586 Intermittent Pilot Gas Ignition Control – Replaces almost all intermittent pilot controls.
7590 Gas Power Burner Control – For use on the Beckett CG4 and other gas power burners.

When connected to a 7586 or 7590 control, the BeckettLink Tool allows technicians to use the web browser on their cell phone or tablet to configure the control, check current status or troubleshoot the control using the diagnostic history.  BeckettLink allows a technician to configure the 7586 to replace just about any gas intermittent pilot control.  Technicians can:

  • Check Current Status Including Input Voltage and Flame Strength Signal
  • Configure Pre-Purge and Ignition Trial Timing
  • Configure Lockout Logic – Single Trial, Multiple Trial or Continuous Retry (7586T)
  • Review Detailed Last 10 Cycle History and Last 10 Fault History
  • View and Reset Fault and Cycle Counters

The 7700A0001U BeckettLink Tool is available through Beckett Distribution.  Dealers and Service companies should place orders through their distributors.  The 7700A0001U BeckettLink Tool will also be available at no additional cost in the 7586T6BU six –pack.  The 7586T6BU includes 6 7586T0001U intermittent pilot gas ignition controls and 1 7700A0001U BeckettLink Tool.

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