7610A&B AquaSmart Boiler Control – 7622TW Brass Thermowell

SUBJECT: 7610A & B AquaSmart Boiler Control – 7622TW Brass Thermowell Introduction

USED WITH: Existing AquaSmart Sensors (7600P and 7600TS) and Thermowells (7600TW)

Introducing the 7610 AquaSmart Advanced Boiler Control and 7622TW Thermowell

The 7610 AquaSmart Advanced Boiler Control is designed for use on residential and light commercial hot water boilers.  It is a direct replacement for existing 7600 AquaSmart Boiler Controls.  The 7610 offers significant improvements from the existing 7600 controls:

  • Larger enclosure with almost twice the wiring space
  • Mounting changes to assure straighter alignment on well mounted applications
  • Improved grounding for LWCO applications
  • LWCO status displayed on the Status Screen
  • Economizing verification on Status Screen when HeatManager™ is enabled
  • The 7610 is backward compatible with existing 7600P/TS sensors and can be used with existing 7600TW polymer wells or the new 7622TW brass wells

Cross Referencing is easy:

Current 7600 AquaSmart New 7610 AquaSmart
7600A0001U 7610A0001U
7600A0001U 7610A000LU
7600B0001U 7610B0001U
7600B000LU 7610B000LU
Current 7600TW Well New 7622TW Well
7600TW01U ¾” NPT 7622TW01U ¾” NPT
7600TW02U ¾” NPT 7622TW02U ¾” NPT
7600TW03U ¾” NPT 7622TW03U ¾” NPT
7600TW04U ¾” NPT 7622TW04U ¾” NPT

The 7622TW is a direct replacement for the 7600TW polymer wells.  The 7622 combines the electrical isolation needed for LWCO applications with the strength and reliability of a brass and copper design.  The 7622TW is rated for applications up to 250°F and 250 PSI.  The 7622TW can be used with either the 7600 or the 7610 AquaSmart controls and with existing removable sensors.

The new 7610 controls and 7622TW wells will be available through Beckett Distributors.  Beckett Distributors can place orders through the normal Beckett Customer Service process.  Beckett Customer Service will convert orders for the 7600A&B controls to the appropriate 7610A&B beginning April 8, 2018.  7600TW orders will be converted to the 7622TW well.  Current pricing levels will be honored for the 2018-19 heating season.  Dealers and Service Companies should place orders through their distributors.

The 7610 AquaSmart controls and 7622TW wells are compatible with existing 7600P (LWCO) sensors and 7600TS (Temperature Only) sensors.  The 7610 is also compatible with existing 7600WTMU Wireless Temperature Reset Modules and the 7600RMU Remote Mounting Kit.

Download additional information on the advantages of the 7610 Advanced Boiler Control from the product page.