7600P01 AquaSmart Sensor

SUBJECT: 7600P01 AquaSmart Sensor Availability

USED WITH: 7600A and 7600B AquaSmart Controls, 7600TW Wells

The 7600P01 Temperature/LWCO Sensor is being made available once again through Beckett Distributors. Beckett distributors can place orders through the normal Beckett Customer Service process. Dealers and Service companies should place orders through their distributors.

The new sensors are identified as Rev H on the sensor label and have Beckett embossed in the overmolding. The 7600P01 is a combination temperature and low water cutoff sensor for use with Beckett AquaSmart Controls and Beckett immersion wells. The 7600P01 sensor is not intended for use with standard immersion wells.

  • The 7600P01 uses a new in-house injection molding process to addresses the issues that caused damage during the overmolding process and provides a more consistent manufacturing process.
  • This design has undergone a rigorous test process that includes a 100,000 cycle Thermal Shock Test (90°F – 210°F).
  • Thousands of Rev H sensors have been placed into service during the last two years with a very high rate of reliability.

The 7600P01 is compatible with all existing AquaSmart Controls and with all Beckett immersion wells using replaceable sensors. The 7600P01 can be used with the 7600RMU 48” Sensor Extension Kit to replace 7600P sensors with longer lead lengths. The 7600P01 sensor cannot be used in standard immersion wells or non-Beckett immersion wells.

The 7600TS temperature only sensor continues to be available for use in conventional immersion well applications.