7505C Oil Primary Control

SUBJECT: 7505C Product Introduction

USED WITH: All Beckett Burners for CSD-1 Applications Under 20 GPH

Introducing the 7505C Oil Primary Control for CSD-1 Applications

The 7505C GeniSys Oil Primary Control is designed for use in applications under 20 GPH where CSD-1 lockout logic is required*.

  • Allows a single retry on flame failure.
  • Overlay label and other case changes for improved moisture resistance.
  • Can be used with the GeniSys Contractor’s Tool for diagnostics and configuration.

*Use of the 7505C does not ensure the entire system meet CSD-1 requirements.

The 7505 is available in three part numbers:

Beckett GeniSys Control Part No. Lockout Time Valve-on Delay Time Motor-off Delay Time
7505C0000U 15 sec 0 sec 0 sec
7505C1515U 15 sec 15 sec 15 sec
7505C1530U 15 sec 15 sec 30 sec

Valve-on delay timing and Motor-off delay timings are programmable using the Beckett GeniSys Contractor’s Tool.

The 7505C controls are available through Beckett Distributors. Dealers and Service companies should place orders through their distributors.

Visit the product page for additional information on the 7505C GeniSys Oil Primary Control.