Beckett’s new solar product line makes it easy to upgrade your new or existing water heat to a state-of-the-art solar heating system.

SolVelox™ Package

The SolVelox is a complete solar pump package with everything you need to connect your solar panels to your storage tank. Integral to the unit are two high-efficiency bronze circulators, a brazed plate, counterflow heat exchanger and the electronics to drive the system.

System Contents:
(2) Platinum Flat Plate Collectors
(1) SolVelox Package (Glycol or Drainback)
(1) Expansion or Drainback Tank
(1) Mounting and piping hardware


Product Information Sheet
Platinum Collector Product Information Sheet
Canadian Product Information Sheet
Current Federal Tax Incentives for Solar Hot Water Systems
Current State Tax Incentives for Solar Hot Water Systems
Drainback Installation and Owner’s Manual
Glycol Installation and Owner’s Manual

For the Solar Contractor:
Designing and Selecting a Solar Hot Water System
Solar Checklist for Sizing a System
How-to Videos from the Manufacturer
Solar Installation FAQ

For the Solar Homeowner:
Solar Homeowner Flyer
Solar Homeowner FAQ

More information from the manufacturer.