Z Gauge

The Beckett Z gauge is designed for use on Beckett AF, AFG, SR and SF oil burners that use the “F” style retention head, and AFII burners with ”FB” style retention heads.

The Beckett Z gauge enables the technician to set the nozzle to the proper distance from the combustion head without removal of the oil burner from the heating appliance. It also allows the technician to conveniently adjust the electrodes to Beckett specifications.

T501 and T650 Gauges

The T501 is a multipurpose gauge for NX, AF, AFG, AFII, SR, SM, and SF Burners. The T650 is a multipurpose gauge for ADC, SDC, and AC F-Head Burners.

Z Gauge Instructions
T650 Gauge Instructions
T501 Gauge Instructions

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