BeckettLink™ Diagnostic and Configuration Tool

The 7700A BeckettLink™ Diagnostic and Configuration Tool is designed for use with a smart phone or tablet to configure and troubleshoot Beckett Gas Ignition Controls.

When connected to a 7586 or 7590 ignition module, the BeckettLink Tool allows technicians to use the web browser on their cell phone or tablet to configure the control, check current status or troubleshoot the control using the diagnostic history.  BeckettLink allows technicians to configure the 7586 gas control to replace just about any gas intermittent pilot ignition control.

Features & Benefits

The BeckettLink Tool creates a Wi-Fi signal to connect with your phone or tablet.

  • BeckettLink does not connect to the internet
  • No home Wi-Fi network or password is needed
  • No app is needed, just a web browser
  • Web pages are stored on the control

Allows Technicians to:

  • Check current status, including input voltage and flame signal strength
  • Configure pre-purge and ignition trial timing
  • Configure lockout logic – single trial, multiple trial or continuous retry (7586T)
  • Review detailed last 10 cycle history and last 10 fault
  • View and reset fault and cycle counters

Electrical Ratings

Electrical Ratings: 24 volts AC (supplied through gas ignition control com port)

CAUTION: Do not connect any device other than the BeckettLink Tool or 7710A Alarm Module to the com port on 7586 or 7590 controls. Phones, Tablets or Computers connected directly to the micro USB com port will be damaged.

BeckettLink is not designed to provide connection to the internet and cannot be used for remote monitoring.

BeckettLink Product Sheet

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