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Residential Burner

Burner AF_AFG web.jpg AF

Residential Oil Burner

Specifications Chassis Capabilities How To Order

  • 0.40 to 3.00 gph
  • 56,000 to 420,000 BTU/hr input


  • No. 1 or No. 2 heating oil (ASTM D396) only

    Dimensions (standard)

  • Height: 11-1/2'
  • Width: 12-7/8'
  • Depth: 6-9/16'

    Electrical Characteristics

  • Motor: 3450 rpm, NEMA M-flange, manual reset overload protection
  • Power Supply: 120 V./60Hz./1 phase
  • Ignition: 10,000 V./23 ma. secondary, continuous duty shielded transformer
  • Operating Load: 5.8 amps (maximum)
  • Alternated Voltages or Frequency: Consult Customer Service

    Fuel Unit

  • Single stage or two stage

Model AF/AFG Instruction Manual
    Chassis Plan

  • Reduces Investment Up To 65%

  • Reduces Storage Space Up To 85%

  • Speeds Service Calls

    Performance Capabilities

  • Nozzle Line Electrode Assembly
    Self-centering, delivers oil to the nozzle, high voltage electricity to the electrodes; static plate controls and evens out air flow to the head for smooth, efficient combustion.

  • Flame Retention Head
    One-piece flame retention burner head. Highly stable and intense combustion increases efficiency by as much as 35 percent.

  • Drive Motor
    Continuous duty, permanent split capacitor, built for daily hard use and years of trouble-free operation. Overload protection included.

  • Ignition Transformer
    10,000 V./23ma. secondary positively and smoothly ignites fuel. Electrically balanced and shielded. No TV interference. Designed for heavy duty continuous operation.

  • Connector Tube Fitting
    Special Beckett, high quality flare fitting.

  • Burner Housing
    Sturdy die cast, precisely machined aluminum housing aligns pump and motor for smoothest operation and longest coupling life.
    Order Burner Chassis

  • Model AF Burner Chassis
  • Type of Fuel Unit
  • Primary Control

    Order Air Tube Combination

  • Air Tube Length (dimension A) and Firing Rate or Air Tube Combination Code (see table)

    Order Accessories

  • Specify type of supports required
  • Add any other items such as spare parts, related controls, valves, control pannels, ets.

Air Tube Combination Chart
Firing Rate
Min-Max G.P.H.
Burner Head Usable Air Tube Length 'A'
4-1/2' 5-3/8' 6-5/8' 7-1/4' 9' 10-1/2' 13' 16'
Less Head Less AF44 AF53 AF65 AF72 AF90 AF104 AF130 AF160
0.40-0.75 F0 AF44XR AF53XR AF65XR AF72XR AF90XR AF104XR AF130XR AF160XR
0.75-1.25 F3 AF44XN AF53XN AF65XN AF72XN AF90XN AF104XN AF130XN AF160XN
0.85-1.65 F6 AF44YB AF53YB AF65YB AF72YB AF90YB AF104YB AF130YB AF160YB
1.10-2.00 F12 AF44XO AF53XO AF65XO AF72XO AF90XO AF104XO AF130XO AF160XO
1.65-2.50 F22 AF44XP AF53XP AF65XP AF72XP AF90XP AF104XP AF130XP AF160XP
2.50-3.00 F31 AF44XS AF53XS AF65XS AF72XS AF90XS AF104XS AF130XS AF160XS

To Determine Air Tube Length
AF To Determine Air Tube Length1.jpg
The Air tube Length (Dimension A) is the distance from the front of the burner housing to the end of
Optional Supports
AF Optional Supports.jpg
Adjustable Mounting Flange Kit
AF Adjustable Mounting Flange Kit.jpg
Flame Retention Heads
AF Flame Retention Heads2.jpg