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cleancut_pump.jpg Beckett CleanCut Oil Pump

Faster, Cleaner, More Reliable Cut-Offs & Cut-Ons

Part Number Recommendations Features Hydraulic Data/Solenoid Valve
  • Use 2184404U Clean Cut Pump with PD Timer (21887U sold separately) when primary control has no pre-time (valve on delay).

  • Use 21844U Clean Cut Pump without PD Timer when primary control has a pre-time (valve on delay) and cordset and hardware are not required.

  • 61488 CleanCut Pump with PD Timer

    61581 CleanCutXL Product Sheet

    61408 CleanCut Product Sheet

    61583 CleanCut Installation Instructions

    The CleanCut Solenoid Advantage
    The new Beckett CleanCut Pump--developed as a joint effort with Suntec Industries--combines the 'clean burning' benefits of a solenoid valve with the hefty lift capabilities of traditional American pumps.

    Cleaner Operation
    The solenoid valve cuts oil flow almost instantly when power is cut to the motor, eliminating coasting stops that can cause soot formation on shut-down. Pre-purge type controls work hand-in-hand with the CleanCut pump to establish airflow and bring pump pressure up to full operating levels before light-off. this ensures smoother and cleaner light-offs.

    More Reliable
    There are fewer moving parts, compared to conventional pumps and fewer troublesome oil fittings to cause problems. In addition, all of the moving parts in the CleanCut have been in use for years either in the US or in Europe.

    Reduced Load on Motor
    Configurations using an external valve deadhead pressure against the valve during start-up, increasing load on the motor. The CleanCut pump reduces demands on the motor during start-up by allowing oil to freely bypass the pump's piston.

    Higher Capacity
    The unique design of the CleanCut pump delivers up to 4 gallons per hour at 100 psi. (Note that applications above 3 gph will require an additional valve due to UL requirements).

    Leak-Through Protection
    The CleanCut pump utilizes the same piston valve used in traditional pumps, to provide the same level of protection from leak-through in gravity feed situations.

    Nozzle Pressure

  • 100 - 200 psi

  • Factory Ste Pressure

  • 100 psi

  • Operating Fluids

  • #2 & lighter fuel oils

  • Viscosity 1.4 - 12 cSt

  • 0 - 25�C / 32 - 77�F in the pump

  • Inlet pressure

  • 10 psi max.

  • Return pressure

  • 10 psi max.

  • Suction height

  • One pipe: 8' max.

  • Two pipe: 14' max.

  • Rate speed

  • 3600 rpm max.

  • Breakaway torque

  • 36 in.-oz. max.



  • 24, 110-120 or 200-240 VAC, 50*/60 Hz (*50 Hz not UL approved)

  • 12 VDC

  • Power consumption

  • 9 watts

  • Ambient temperature

  • 46�C / 115�F max.

  • Maximum pressure

  • 200 psi

  • Certification

  • UL, CUL

    CleanCut Oil Pump
    CleanCut Pump Diagram1.jpg

    CleanCut Nozzle Capacity1.jpg