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New Products

Control GeniSys 12Volt web 2.jpgBeckett 7556 12V GeniSys Control

The Beckett GeniSys™ 12V Advanced Burner Control is a 12 Vdc primary safety control

Control GeniSys 24Volt web.jpgBeckett 7559 24V GeniSys™ Control

GeniSys™ 24V Control

Control GeniSys 7586 Web version 2.jpgBeckett 7586 Intermittent Pilot Gas Ignition

The Beckett GeniSys Intermittent Pilot Gas Ignition Control is a 24 Vac gas ignition and safety control.

Control GeniSys 7590 top web.jpgBeckett 7590 Gas Power Burner Control

The Beckett GeniSys Gas Power Burner Control is a safety control designed for use on gas power

AquaSmart 7600B Control web.jpgBeckett 7600 AquaSmart Boiler Control

The AquaSmart is a universal boiler control designed for use on residential and light commercial boiler systems and includes the option of Beckett Heat Manager dynamic temperature reset.

7600 WTM website.jpgBeckett 7600WTM Outdoor Temperature

TSFConnectors.pngTSF Connectors

Time Saving Fill connectors fill oil tanks safely at higher pumping speeds! Increase profits with each gallon you pump.

blankspace.gifDrop In Fills